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Robot Design... incredibly important in robotics. Without a good design everything will fall apart. These are a few robot styles that have succeeded in Tower Takeover.


Ramp  Robot

The rampbot is one of the most popular styles in Tower Takeover. Its main goal is to intake cubes on the field and stack them into their alliance goals. A rampbot's ramp is seperated into stages to allow it to unfold from the 18"x18"x18" dimesion contrainsts. Some rampbots have their intakes attached to arms, allowing them to put cubes in small/medium sized towers.

The intakes are usually made of sprockets that rotate with rubber flaps attached to them so it can get grip to pull the cubes into its ramp. It stacks cubes by having a ramp pusher in the center of the robot to (you guessed it) push the ramp to a vertical position using a motor and some gears. Their arms work similarly with a motor that rotates gears to lift the arms up.


Double Reverse  4-Bar

The double reverse 4-bar is not as popular as a ramp-bot, however it is still an effective design. Its main goal is to place cubes in towers to help their score and also take cubes off of towers that were put in by others. It is faster and more reliable than a ramp-bot with arms and can put cubes in the tallest tower.

Its design is complex and must be fine-tuned to the highest degree so it can pick up cubes, but not drop them unsuspectingly. Thier main feature is the lift system that enables it to place cubes in towers. It uses motors to rotate gears that then rotate the axels that lifts it up.


Claw  Robot

The clawbot is a beginners robot that is easy to design and build. It can grab single cubes and place them in small towers or in the goal areas. It's the most basic robot and used as a starting robot towards a path to greater success.

It uses a dual-wheel drive with chain or gears connecting the wheels. The claw clamps boxes by using a motor that spins gears that are connected to two tiny claws. The arm uses a motor that spins the gears connected to the axle that lifts the arm.


Wall  Robot

A wallbot is a more controversial robot out of all the designs. Tower Takeover is an offensive game by nature, however the wallbot is a defense robot. Its goal is to trap/obstruct the opponents robot or goal area to prevent them from interfering with its alliance partner and getting more cubes. The wallbot is on the boundary of the rules and referees go a little easier on the opponents when trying to get free of their confined area.

A wallbot uses linear motion kits, rubber bands, and wheels to allow it to extend to however much you can put in the size limit. The linear motion kits helps it extend with rubber bands holding them together at the start of the match. The wheels help it stay upright to prevent robots from just driving on top of it. It requires a lot of designing to construct this compact robot.


Push  Robot

A pushbot is another beginner's style robot. It has four wheel drive and it is basically a chunk of metal. Its goal is to disrupt their opponents by ramming into them constantly, but not too much to get disqualified. In previous competitions they had other more helpful uses but it is rare to see a pushbot in Tower Takeover.

Its design is fairly simple with the four motors for AWD and then a big chassis made of steel. The chassis is made of steel instead of aluminium because it has more potential energy, making it more effective when ramming into other opponents than aluminium.

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