FIRST Robotics Competitions

FRC Update

Syntechs will not be participating in FRC (FIRST Robotics Competitions) this season because we are focusing our club on VEX Robotics Competitions.




Teams have 6 weeks to construct a robot that can face the challenges of the season's theme with the help of coaches and peers.


District Competitions

There are two district tournaments to qualify for regionals. 15 teams can get into regionals.


Regional Competition

There is one regional competition to be able to qualify for Worlds. In 2018, the Canadian Pacific Regionals were hosted in Victoria, BC.


Days of Championships

FIRST Championships are hosted across the United States over three days with hundreds of teams across the world.

 Recent Competition Photos

Some photos of the lastest tournament


Learn More

Want to learn more about FIRST Robotics in general? Head over to their website!

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