Our Mentors

Paying thanks to all that helps out our team

Our Teachers

Biggest thanks to our amazing teachers that made the club possible!

Douglas Au-Lange

Club Teacher

The current club sponsor teacher for Syntechs Robotics, Mr. Au-Lange has been incredible in helping our teams. We thank him not only for putting aside his time afterschool to let us work in the tech-ed room, but also for providing design advice to junior teams.

Robotics & Design Teacher

James Zhuang

Founding Club Teacher

A founding teacher and longtime sponsor, Mr. Zhuang has done an amazing job running our school club. He was active in every aspect and had put aside a lot of his spare time to work with us after school. He was very proactive in making sure everyone was included and having fun. Thank you Mr. Z!

Robotics & Design Teacher

Angeline Lee

Sponsor Teacher

Ms. Lee has been great at doing a lot of the logistical parts of our club. She organizes all the fundraisers along with students and has been getting sponsorships. She's doing a great job and we thank her for being able to stay after school into the night to finish up our robots before competition!

Our Mentors

Thank you for helping volunteer for the team! We really appreciate your guidance and support.

Bruce Scatchard

Workshop & Supervising Volunteer

Mr. Scatchard has been an amazing volunteer for us. He started off supervising our club after school, which got him interested in judging for VEX tournaments. After that, he did a workshop with us about the design process. Thank you Mr. Scatchard for contributing so much to the team!

Ryan Schmidt

Club President

Ryan leads the club by running meetings, overseeing external affairs, and managing the club's resources He also assists the learning of junior teams, as a skilled designer and mechanic. 

Joon Park

Website Builder, Social Manager

I design, build and update this website! Along with helping my team at competitions, I take photos for the website and our social accounts.

Michael Benzvi

Financial Adviser, Fundraising

Michael does a great job managing our club budget, working out what we need and what we want as a club. They also analyze our spending of the year and our future expenses and that reflects onto the entry fee for the year.


Thank You HWSS!

We couldn't do this without the support of our school and parent council. Robotics is a tough sport to support as a school, but they have been very supportive. With their help, we have been able to make Syntechs become one of the most accessible robotics programs in the Lower Mainland, yet still having the resources and knowledge to compete professionally.

Our Sponsors

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