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Sponsor Support

How can sponsors support our robotics club?

1) Equiptment Contributions

Most of the robot is built using proprietary materials, however tools are the last building block in creating exceptional robots. Any equipment helps our teams become more productive.

3) Volunteering

Knowledge is the most important part of constructing a robot. If you (or a friend) has a knack for robotics or engineering, lending a hand through workshops is always appreciated.


2) Monetary Contributions

Robotics is the most expensive clubs in our school per student. Any monetary benefactions enables us to order new parts, which in turn enables us to build better robots.

4) Promoting

If you want to contribute but you can't do much, then promoting or advertising is a great way to get the word out about our club. It gives us more outreach and support

Interested in sponsoring us?

Just contact us and we will sort it all out. After all, we are the ones supposed to contact you!

Our Sponsors

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