The most valuable asset of them all: knowledge

Ways to Volunteer

These are some things that you help us out with by volunteering



We constantly do small lessons about specific things that our club seems to lack, however we have on had one professional come into to do a professional presentation on the design process. It pushed us to have a more thorough design before committing on a design and paying more attention to our work journals. Having professional advice was an asset that we took to heart, and we feel that it would amazing if another professional could do a dedicated workshop with the club on robotics. It would teach us valuable lessons that we could incorporate into our robots, making them better than ever.


If you don't have any professional experience in robotics or any other related category, that's fine too! Supervising is another important factor. After school everyday, we need a parent to look after us because of school rules. Mr. Zhuang has kindly put valuable time aside on most days of the week to supervise us, however it would be great if we could lift that burden off of him and have more dedicated parents supervising us after school. I think he would like that very much.


Interested in volunteering?

Contact us and we will figure everything out. However, you must complete a criminal record check to be able to volunteer.

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