The Website

How this website was made

A bit of backstory...

As the 2020 season rolled aroud, there were quite a number of people joining our club. Since we were becoming a prominent team in BC, we thought that it was neccessary to expand our horizons and focus on promoting our club. A website was a great place to start to get the word out.

The first few iterations of the website were extemely simple, a few pages detailing who we are and a couple of pictures of the competitions. Over time, we have made several leaps forward in design elements and content, making it what you see right now.


Creating a good-looking website is harder than you might think. It required a lot of thought in the colour scheme, overall theme of the website, and making custom blocks using our website builder. We have gone through a few design changes since our launch and we are always switching things up to make it even better.


A major part in building a great website is using a good website builder (or coder). We ended up going with an obscure offline website builder called Mobirise. Even though it looks simple on the outside, it allows incredible flexibility with a built-in code editor and an easy layout. It also allows you to export directly to HTML, allowing you to host it anywhere!


We chose GitHub to host our website thanks to GitHub Pages. We linked our domain to the repository and it's been incredibly responsive and fast loading our website. It allows us to go back and track when and what changes where made to the website. Best of all, it's free!

The success of a website...

...requires a lot of effort put into making it easy to navigate and responsive. It also must have up to date content so people keep coming back.


Having a simple website eliminates the barrier that places your content between your audience. We took many queues from other websites and created an easily navigable website with as much content that we could pack in.


As our season progresses, tournaments come and go, and the website is updated the day after with all the statistics and pictures. This is one crucial point that many clubs miss but is very important to make your website more engaging and appealing to others.

In the future... 

...we are planning on expanding our website to make it a resource for our club. We are thinking of remaking the website from scratch using HTML and CSS. This will allow us to customize our webiste even further and make it easier to update it after competitions.


Check out this website's source code on GitHub!

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