Sharing knowledge around the community

Our Outreach

This year we have been trying to up our game in teaching others about robotics.


School Club Open House

Every year there is an open house for clubs around the school to showcase their amazing work. We showcased our robots and what we have done in our club. Many people were interested and around 100 people stopped and took a look at what we were showing off.


In-house Workshops

This year, we have made it a pritorty to help each other become successful on and off of the field. This season, we did a RI3D activity, workshops on design, and a field trip to a pharmaceutical facility in Coquitlam to look at the tech in their production line.


Social Media

This year was also a priority to have a presence in the robotics community. We have put a lot more effort into all of our social accounts.


School News / Kodiak

To get people interested in the club, we created a PowerPoint slide that plays in our school's daily news 'The Kodiak'. We also have monthly articles on the Kodiak Times.


Robotics Cabinet

This cabinet proudly contains most of our awards and a slideshow that plays our most recent competition photos and social posts. We share this cabinet with the design class.


In the future... 

...we are planning on expanding our role in the school and around the community by helping out at school events and volunteering as a club. We want to make robotics a bigger part of our school identity, and it starts with us leading the change.

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